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Schools and child care

Everyone is to feel welcome in Ängelholm Municipality's education and child care facilities regardless of background or circumstances and we are accustomed to receiving children and young people from different countries. Routines for acceptance into the various types of schools are well developed and registration is preceded by a meeting with the school, the child/young person and his or her custodian.


In Sweden children start school the year they reach 6 years of age. Before this they can go to preschool. In Ängelholm Municipality there are preschools in all parts of the municipality. By law the municipality has four months in which to arrange a place for a child in a preschool, once the parent has submitted an application for child care.

Elementary School

Children start school the year they reach 6 years of age. From the ages of 6-15 the child will go to what is called elementary school.

In elementary school there are preparatory classes for children who have recently come to Sweden. In these the school works to prepare the students for Swedish schooling, gives the students sufficient competence in the Swedish language, and explores their school background and competence in various study areas.

Gymnasium School

From the ages of 15-18 the child goes to what is called gymnasium school. Ängelholm's gymnasium school is called Rönneskolan and in it there are introductory programs, among others a language introduction. This is for children and young people who have a mother tongue other than Swedish and who have recently arrived in Sweden.

Swedish for immigrants (SFI)

At adult education, an adult recently arrived in Sweden can study Swedish for immigrants (SFI). An application form is filled out at the Information Desk at Ängelholm's City Library. For admission to the studies you need to have with you the decision granting your residence permit and your personal identification certificate. You can obtain the personal identification certificate from the Swedish Tax Agency.

The Swedish Tax Agency
Polisgatan 4
262 79 Ängelholm
0771-567 567

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