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If you are looking for a residence you may contact Ängelholmshem which owns apartments all over the municipality. There are also a number of private property owners whom you can contact. If you want to purchase a house or a house and yard you will contact a broker.

Thulingatan 1B in Ängelholm
0431-43 60 00
This is an email address

The municipality is not responsible for arranging a residence for you. It is therefore important that you add yourself to the apartment queue as soon as you have received a Swedish personal identification number. Look for a residence that you can live in for a long time.

After you have received a residence permit, you will meet an establishment worker at The Employment Office who will do an investigation of your academic background and your work background. The Employment Office can help you to find a residence if you wish.

When a municipality has a vacant apartment, that municipality may report that vacant apartment to The Employment Office. The Employment Office will then look at the persons and families which need residences and select one person or one family which is suitable depending on the size of the residence, the labor market and how near the residence is. You will receive the offer of an apartment from a worker at The Employment Office.

While you are waiting for a decision on asylum, you will live in one of The Swedish Migration Board's residences, if you have not yourself chosen to live in your own residence.

When you rent an apartment:

Peace and quiet

In order for you as a tenant, and your neighbors, to feel comfortable, it is important to be considerate of each other. See to it that there is peace and quiet both within your own walls and in the common areas. As a tenant, you are also responsible for your visitors. If you are disturbed, contact the property owner. In the event of recurrent disturbances you may lose your right to be a tenant in the apartment.

Laundry room

In order to use the laundry room you must reserve a time. Information on this can be obtained from the responsible onsite supervisor/landlord. It is important that the laundry room be left clean after your laundry time has ended, so that everyone can feel comfortable there.


Household garbage must be sorted by type, packed well, and disposed of in accordance with the landlord's instructions. Bulky garbage such as glass, metal, plastic, paper and cartons must be left at the nearest recycling station. Read more about this under "Good to know".

Parabolic antenna

If you are going to mount a parabolic antenna, first contact your landlord for permission and instructions.


Smoking is not permitted in stairwells, laundry rooms, elevators, cellars, on balconies, or in other common areas. In some apartments smoking is prohibited.


If you own an animal you are responsible for it. Do not let your animal out without your being with it. See to it that they do not urinate or defecate in the vicinity of the property, and that the neighbors are not disturbed.


When you want to move out of your apartment you must give notice of termination of your lease. You do this by means of written notice to your landlord. The period of notice is three calendar months, in the event of death one calendar month. You can obtain more information from your landlord.

Cleaning on your departure

When you move out of your apartment it is important that all areas are empty and cleaned. The landlord will conduct an inspection. Damage, abnormal wear and tear, and any extra cleaning will be your responsibility as tenant.


When you move in you will receive a number of keys to the apartment, which must be returned to the landlord when you move out. If any key is missing, you as the tenant will have to pay for it.

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