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Meeting places

There are various meeting places in Ängelholm Municipality for the purpose of creating possibilities for people to meet and to learn from one another. The meeting places are open to all. It makes no difference if you are newly arrived, Swedish, retired, a young person, or an immigrant who has lived in Sweden for a long time.

In the building which is called Kronohäktet there are cultural activities such as exhibitions, music courses, and days for handicrafts and a painting workshop. On four Thursdays, starting with the Thursday before midsummer, there is a concert on the small stage near Rönne å.

At Världs-Cafét Klotet in the community center [Swedish: folketshus] there are about eight blended activities and cultural experiences per year consisting of lectures, concerts and visits by authors, etc., and there is free admission and all are welcome.

The Open Pre-school is a meeting place for parents and children. When the open pre-school is open, you may come and go as you please. Here you may make new contacts, research creative activities, play, sing, or just be.

Meeting place Kulturhuset (MK-huset) offers a secure and drug-free environment for those who are in the seventh class up until the age of 20. In addition, you can surf, play TV games and parlor games, have a coffee, hang out with friends, and arrange MK-huset theme evenings and other activities. Examples of previous themes are sports, making your own film, expressing yourself [Swedish: mecka] with radio-controlled cars and creative evenings. If you are in school in grades 7 to 9, you can also visit the municipality's other leisure time facilities.

Ängelholm's City Library has a language café on Mondays and Wednesdays from 15 to 17 during the Spring Term of 2016 where you can meet and speak Swedish and drink coffee. If you wish, it is also possible to borrow rooms at the library to practice languages at other times.

Other meeting places

  • Homework help from Rädda Barnen at Gasverksgatan
  • Ängelholm's Friendship Group [Swedish: Vänskapsförening] at Vaktgatan 21
  • Baby swim and family swim at Södra Sjukhuset

You are warmly welcome to all of the municipality's meeting places!

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