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Groups and activities

Involving yourself in a group is a good way to develop contacts and make friends. If you are interested in sports, fishing, or music, or are drawn to meeting other people, all you need do is get in touch with a group.

In Ängelholm Municipality there are many different groups and you can participate in many activities such as sports, music and art. If you are interested in sports, there are, among other things, football, ice hockey, indoor bandy, dance and gymnastics in the municipality. Football is played in the districts of Vejbystrand, Össjö, Hjärnarp, Strövelstorp, Munka Ljungby and Lärkeröd.

Contact the municipality's Customer Service in order to find out which groups exist and where they are.


At a library you can, entirely without cost, read newspapers, borrow books in various languages or use a computer. There are also books in beginning Swedish, sometimes even some which can be listened to as audio books.

If the library does not have the book you are looking for, they can order it from another library in Sweden. The library also has many cultural events, both for adults and for children. On the library's homepage you can read newspapers in over 60 languages from 100 countries.

There are libraries at Stortorget in Ängelholm, in Skälderviken, Strövelstorp, Hjärnarp, Munka Ljungby, Ausås, Vejbystrand, Södra Utmarken and Tåstarp, as well as a book bus.
The City Library in Ängelholm is open Monday to Thursday 10-19, Fridays 10-17 and on Saturdays 10-14. On Mondays and Wednesdays there is a language café at the City Library.

Indoor bathing

Toftabadet is in Munka Ljungby at Lyckgatan 4. Some kilometers outside of central Ängelholm. There is a swimming pool, a sauna and a kiosk. The swimming pool is 25 meters long with a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

In the winter of 2016, Vattenhuset, the municipality's new bathhouse, will open and will be located at Ängelholm's Hospital in the central area.

Outdoor bathing

Vejbybadet is a heated open air bathing area with a 25-meter pool. The 25-meter pool has a depth between 1.20 meters and 2 meters. The bathing area also has a children's pool with a depth of 80 centimeters, as well as a 30 centimeter deep ''plastic pool" for the very youngest. There is also a sauna and a playground with two swings. Vejbybadet is only open in the summer and is at Kustvägen 17 in Vejbystrand.

The Swedish Church

The Swedish Church Ängelholm has four churches, a chapel, and three parish homes. In addition, at Ängelholm's Hospital there is a hospital church. They carry on activities both for children and for adults.

The Swedish Church
Södra Kyrkogatan 3
262 32 Ängelholm
0431-43 75 00

In Ängelholm there is also an EFS-church.

The EFS Church
Metallgatan 31
262 72 Ängelholm
0431-125 80

Ängelholm Mosque

Go to Ängelholm's Mosque if you want to pray.

Ängelholm Mosque
23262 34 Ängelholm

Sidan uppdaterad den 25 maj 2016.

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