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Care and services

Medical care and dental care

In Ängelholm Municipality there are health care centers all over the municipality, including an evenings and weekends care facility. At these you can be seen by doctors, midwives or nurses. You can yourself choose which care center you want to go to.

The nearest hospital is on Södra vägen in Ängelholm.

In Ängelholm Municipality there is a National Dental Care Center and a number of private dental clinics.

Care Center
Vårdcentralen Laxen
Sockerbruksgatan 8
262 64 Ängelholm
0431-58 71 00

The National Dental Service
Gasverksgatan 22
262 34 Ängelholm
0431-58 30 00
This is an email address

Ängelholm's Hospital
Södra vägen
262 81 Ängelholm
0431-810 00

Making an appointment

You must always make an appointment in order to see a doctor at a care center or a hospital. It is also important that you arrive on time. If you are unable to come to a doctor's appointment, you must telephone and cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance. If you do not cancel in time, you must pay for the appointment even if you were not there. You can pay on site or receive an invoice.

Emergency care

In all emergency situations you must telephone 112, which will send an ambulance, police or the fire department to you depending on what has happened. 112 must only be used if the situation is an emergency.


If you cannot speak Swedish you are entitled to an interpreter when you are in contact with, for example, various governmental authorities or care centers.

If you need an interpreter for contacts with a governmental authority, do not book the interpreter yourself, that will be done instead by the governmental authority which is involved in your matter. Before the visit to the governmental authority, you must say that you need an interpreter and for what language.


Telephone 1177 in order to obtain advice on various illnesses. You can obtain information on various illnesses in various languages on www.1177.se.


You will find several pharmacies in the central area of Ängelholm. At these you can obtain prescription medications and also purchase non-prescription medications. Certain non-prescription medications, such as pain pills, nasal spray and throat tablets can also be purchased in food stores.

Elder care, disability care, and individual and family care

The municipality offers various forms of assistance for persons with physical or psychological functional disabilities.

The municipality will also help those of you who are older and have a need of, for example, home services, especially assisted living, security alarms or food distribution.

Individual and family care is responsible, among other things, for investigating and dealing with financial support, investigations of reports of trouble relating to children or substance abusers, providing support and treatment interventions for children, adults and substance abusers.

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